Seeking the dankest weed festival of all time, five unlikely friends travel through time to 4/20/2020; where they discover a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by COVID-19.


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Written by Persephone Rose and Paul Moore


Featuring the voice talents of: 

Grant Patrizio as the Narrator and Detective

Vincent King as himself

Vincent Fabbri as Timothy and Cal

Jasminnrari and Elric Atchison as the National Guards

Felicia Elfström Hidén as The Dispatch Officer and Dulcinea

Carlos Ortega Jr. as Gordon

Persephone Rose as Fernod and Jack Camereon

Jei Evans as Gary

Kristington Jeanne Plotkin as Iblis and the Baltimore Cop

Ken Marsiglia as Hank

Kuren K. as the Camel Man

Paul Cotton as Commander Futile


Original Music arranged and performed by Meghan Rose Scott.

Emperor Pigs Theme Song by Jordyn Oran.


Our Sound Engineer was Persephone Rose

Emperor Pigs is a Creation of Persephone Rose

The Executive Producer for Postal Roach is Persephone Rose


Couriers Cabs, Vanillas, Titan Nationalists, and Extranaturals are Copyrights of Ian Humphrey and Under The Shroud, used here with permission.


Personalized is a Copyright of Vincent King, also used with permission.


Production Copyright © 2020 by Postal Roach.
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