[S1E10] Grain Wars, Part I

 An alien arrives at Emperor Pigs with a dire message. 


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Written by Kat Tanaciev


Featuring the voice talents of:


Carlos Ortega Jr. as Gordon

Ryan Day as Figo Lodrill and Teenager #1

Persephone Rose as Fernod, Smack Talk Host, and the News Anchor

Jessica Rose as Maggie

ToastChi as Conrad

Sarah McManus as Rove

Jordyn Oran as K.T.

Gaius Terran as Von Hulle

Lindz Steindler as Bob

Maria Micklasavage as Mrs. Yasu

Becky Gan as Lily

Terra as Akiko

Skyler Yuda as Teenager #2

Ariel Marie Highwind as the Sophisticated Operational Functionality Interface (SOFI)

Conrad Audette as Jorex Hobbs

Jali as Wendy McConnell

Vincent Fabbri, Juwan Royal, and ToastChi as the Party Goers


Original Music arranged and performed by Meghan Rose Scott.

Emperor Pigs Theme Song by Jordyn Oran.


Our sound engineer was Persephone Rose.

Emperor Pigs is a creation of Persephone Rose.

The executive producer for Postal Roach is Persephone Rose.


Production Copyright © 2019 by Postal Roach.

Visit us on the web at EmperorPigs.com

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