Emperor Pigs Presents: “Turkey Day”

Just some friends, a horny wolf and an odd Turkey!


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Special Thanks to our extended podcast family who joined us for this episode:


Danson / Unlucky Charm: https://hailandwellmetpodcast.com/

Boston Horror Harbor: https://asylum94.com/
The Veiled Monarch / The Veiled West:  https://www.heyitsjali.com/

The Insomnia Project: https://www.throtopro.com/the-insomnia-project

Under the Shroud: https://www.undertheshroud.com/

Mandarwan INN Deep: http://mandarwan.dimnews.net/

Emperor Pigs: https://emperorpigs.com/


Written by Vincent King


Featuring the voice talents of:

Jessie Keeton as Wolf from 3HU$KS

Raven Toney as Red Cap from 3HU$KS

Ian Humphrey as Corin Black from Under The Shroud       

Stefanie Howerton as Vicki Allen from Boston Harbor Horror

Vincent King as Vincent from 3HU$KS

Ken Marsiglia as Hank from Emperor Pigs

Bernie Nye as Sharon Howl from Danson

Jali Redwyne as Raina Escobar from The Veiled Monarch

Brad as Eric Lanwell from Danson

Paul Cotton as Vincenzo Moretti from The Veiled West

Jamie Stoffa as Kyle Howard from Danson

Kaitlyn Kliman as Susan from The Insomnia Project

Carlos Ortega Jr as Gordon Tzar from Emperor Pigs

Mike Nye as Calgaar the Barbarian from Guild of Adventurers

Melissa Sheldon as Sarah Laketon from Danson

Persephone Rose as Fernod from Emperor Pigs

Jason Bell as Sam Crowe from Unlucky Charm

Mike Gagne as Alexander Devereaux from Boston Harbor Horror

Tarran Merlo as Corporal Mercer from Guild of Adventurers

Elijah Gabriel as Martin from The Insomnia Project

Katie Otten as Morgana Winston from Mandarwan INN Deep


Music by Meghan Rose Scott

Our Sound Engineer was Jessie Keeton


Production Copyright © 2019 by Postal Roach.

Visit us on the web at EmperorPigs.com

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