Emperor Pigs

Welcome to Emperor Pigs; a pizzeria run by demons that also sells weed.

April 20th, 2019    

[S1E1] First Day

Things are not going smoothly for Maggie, a werewolf, as she begins her new job at a pizza delivery restaurant and head shop (run by demons), called "Emperor Pigs, Pizza and Cigs."


Written by Persephone Rose

Featuring the voice talents of:

Jessica Rose as Maggie

Carlos Ortega Jr as Gordon

Sarah McManus as Rove

Alexander Doddy as Peter

Persephone Rose as Fernod

Zachary Kim as the Angry Customer

Grant Patrizio as Lord Holgar

Jenna Birmingham as the Polite Customer

Jei Evans as Gary

Mike Trentacosta as Jack

Kayla Ott as The Mullet Man Waitress

Dirk Allie as Carl

NUCLEARpaste as Devon

Brooke Goodman as Lily

Terra as Akiko


Original Music arranged and performed by Meghan Rose Scott.

Emperor Pigs Theme Song by Jordyn Oran.


Our sound engineer was Persephone Rose.

Emperor Pigs is a creation of Persephone Rose.

The executive producer for Postal Roach is Persephone Rose.


Production Copyright 2019 by Postal Roach.

Visit us on the web at EmperorPigs.com

April 15th, 2019    

[S1E0.5] INN Report: The Last Prisoner

It’s been almost a decade since Roachia passed her planet-wide “death-or-slavery” act, and the world has prospered tremendously for it. Under the act, convicted criminals are given the choice of death or a life of unpaid servitude.  As a result, the stock market is seeing an all time high, and even plebeians are living their best life.

Written by Persephone Rose

Featuring the voice talents of:

Persephone Rose as Lars Wilson, JukChuckJuk, Colleen Carmichael, and Jackson Six-Scars 

Paul Moore as Spencer Gaunt and The Firing Squad

Visit us on the web at EmperorPigs.com

April 1st, 2019    

(Not) Episode 1

Fernod is assuming dirext control!!!!!!! #FreeThePigs

March 26th, 2019    


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March 25th, 2019    

Emperor Pigs: Series Trailer

Emperor Pigs is a full cast Audio Drama created by Persephone Rose.

March 25th, 2019    

6 Pizzas, 6 Toppings, 6 Minutes or Less!

“Squeal of a Deal”
Written and Performed by Ken Marsiglia
Music by Meghan Rose Scott

March 25th, 2019    

Welcome to Emperor Pigs!

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